Peptide Synthesis in Ionic Liquids (PEPSIL): All You Need is in the Toolbox!

Khouloud Jebri, Nicolas Galya, Viacheslav Zgonnik, Marie-Rose Mazières, Yves Génisson, Frédéric Guillen, Taïcir Ben Ayed, Michel Baltas, Jean-Christophe Plaquevent


This personal account describes our studies regarding peptide synthesis in ionic liquids (PEPSIL). In addition, we summarize our experiments in which the use of ionic liquids gives simple and promising access to unnatural amino acids in an enantiomerically enriched form. Extension of PEPSIL method to complex structures such as cyclopeptides is also discussed. Some of these cyclopeptides are the direct precursors of bioactive and pharmaceutical compounds.


ionic liquids; peptide synthesis; amino acids; coupling agent; cyclopeptides

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