Chemical modifications and transformations of 3-azahetarylchroman-4-ones


  • Natalia Gorbulenko
  • Tatyana Shokol
  • Vladimir Khilya



chromones, hydrogenated chromone derivatives, 3-azahetarylchromones, 3-azahetarylchroman-4-ones, chromanone oxime, chromanone oxime ether, chromanone hydrazone, pyrazoline, conformationally constrained analogs of drugs, antifungal activity


Articles reporting on the chemical modifications and transformations of 3-azahetarylchroman-4-ones are rewieved. The following 3-azahetarylchroman-4-ones’ transformation - reduction of 3-azahetarylchromon-4-ones to the corresponding 3-azahetarylchromanols, -chromenes, and -3,4-dihydrochromenes, alkylation of 3-azahetarylchromanols, reconversion into 3-azahetarylchromones, formation of 3-hetarylchroman-4-one oximes and corresponding oxime ethers, recyclization into 3-aryl-4-hetarylpyrazolines are described. The biological activity of 3-azahetarylchroman-4-one modification or transformation products are also adduced.


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