Crystal structure of the Sr6Nb4ZrO18 slab perovskite-like compound

Yuri Alexandrovich Titov, Nadezhda Belyavina, Mykola Slobodyanik, Vitaly Polubinskii, Olesya Nakonechna


The Sr6Nb4ZrO18 niobatozirconate has been synthesized from the Sr5Nb4O15 four-layer perovskite and the SrZrO3 perovskite at T = 1670 K by ceramic technique. Crystal structure of the Sr6Nb4ZrO18 compound has been studied by the X-ray powder diffraction method. It was shown that crystal structure of the Sr6Nb4ZrO18 (a = 0.5687(1) nm, c = 4.146(1) nm, R-3m space group) belongs to the Ba6Nb4TiO18-type with five-layer perovskite-like structure. The crystal structure features of the Sr6Nb4BIVO18 compounds (BIV = Ti, Sn, Zr) has been analyzed. The correlation between composition and crystal structure features for all Sr6Nb4BIVO18 (BIV = Ti, Sn, Zr) compounds, which leads to destruction slab perovskite-like structure has been revealed.


oxides; heat treatment; Rietveld analysis; crystal structure; dielectric properties

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