Peculiarities of the State of the Body's Immunoprotective Functions, Bacterioscopic and Cytological Studies in the Presence of a Chronic Inflammatory Process of the Reproductive System


  • Irina Sokolovskaya Zaporizhzhya State Medical University and Khorticky National Academy
  • Nataliia Prybora National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
  • Valentyna Nechyporenko Khortytsia National Academy
  • Olena Pozdniakova Khortytsia National Academy
  • Nataliia Hordiienko Khortytsia National Academy
  • Kostiantyn Nechyporenko Khortytsia National Academy
  • Yuliia Siliavina Khortytsia National Academy
  • Nataliia Serhata Khortytsia National Academy
  • Vitalii Mavrin Khortytsia National Academy
  • Igor Semeniv Clinical Hospital "Feofania" the State Management of Affairs
  • Andriy Kotuza Clinical Hospital "Feofania" the State Management of Affairs
  • Oleksandr Pokropyvnyi Clinical Hospital "Feofania" the State Management of Affairs
  • Olena Ibrahimova Clinical Hospital "Feofania" the State Management of Affairs
  • Iryna Kryachok National Cancer Institut
  • Iryna Tytorenko National Cancer Institut
  • Lesya Yanitka Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Valentyna Zarytska Classical private university
  • Valerіі Bulanov Zaporizhia Polytechnic National University
  • Nataliia Muz Institute of Endocrinology
  • Marharyta Kudinova Khortytsia National Academy
  • Marabelle Nana Essandoh Universität Hamburg, Medicine



bacterioscopic and cytological research, leukogram, immunoprotective, inflammation, chronic inflammatory process, reproductive system, epithelial dystrophy during inflammation


At the current stage, the state of health of the Ukrainian nation of reproductive age is characterized by a low birth rate. Chronic inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system significantly affect the health of millions of people of childbearing age. Chronic inflammation is characterized by a protracted, often erased course, a tendency to relapse, the presence of complications and resistance to therapy. The development and formation of inflammatory diseases are based on interconnected processes that begin with acute inflammation and end with destructive changes, therefore the assessment of the body's adaptive capabilities is increasingly considered one of the most important health criteria. There is a whole series of integral hematological indicators that allow you to assess the state of various parts of the immune system without resorting to special research methods.

Author Biography

Irina Sokolovskaya, Zaporizhzhya State Medical University and Khorticky National Academy

Chair of Biochemistry and chair of Hygiene


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