Features of Indicators of Blood General Clinical Analysis and the Summary Analysis of an Organism’s General Reactivity at Chronic Inflammatory Process


  • Irina Sokolovskaya Zaporizhzhya State Medical University and Khorticky National Academy http://orcid.org/0000-0002-5664-2382
  • Olga Plakhotnik
  • Valentyna Nechiporenko
  • Olena Pozdniakova
  • Nataliia Hordiienko
  • Kostiantyn Nechiporenko
  • Yuliia Siliavina
  • Vitalii Mavrin
  • Igor Semeniv
  • Andriy Kotuza
  • Vitaly Yunger
  • Igor Zazirny
  • Oleksandr Kliusov
  • Irina Kryachok
  • Vladyslav Soroka
  • Nataliia Sprynchuk
  • Nataliia Prybora
  • Marabelle Nana Essandoh




immunity, chronic inflammatory process, infectious agents, the stagnation of the organism's reactivity, integral hematological indicators


Inflammatory diseases cause health disorders which result in a reduction of the population. That is why this medical problem is considered to be a very important one. The human immune system is responsible for protecting the body from infections of various origins, while inducing chronic inflammation (characterized by a long, often invisible course) which can result in proneness to recurrence, complications and resistance to therapy. The authors of the article analyzed and proved that there are immune status shifts in patients with chronic nonspecific inflammatory processes depending on the pathogen, phase and level of damage.

Author Biography

Irina Sokolovskaya, Zaporizhzhya State Medical University and Khorticky National Academy

Chair of Biochemistry and chair of Hygiene


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