Removal of Phosphates in Aqueous Solution by Adsorption on Calcium Oxide


  • Asma Belaidouni Laboratory of Materials LABMAT, National Polytechnic School, ENPO Maurice Audin, BP 1523 EL Menaouer, Oran, Algeria.
  • Zohra Dali-Youcef Laboratory of Materials LABMAT, National Polytechnic School, ENPO Maurice Audin, BP 1523 EL Menaouer, Oran, Algeria.
  • Tarik Attar Higher School of Applied Sciences, P.O. Box 165 RP, Tlemcen, 13000, Algeria
  • Samir Bekheira Laboratory of Materials LABMAT, National Polytechnic School, ENPO Maurice Audin, BP 1523 EL Menaouer, Oran, Algeria.
  • Rim Belbal MaterialsPhysicsLaboratory, UniversityThelidji Amar, Laghouat, Post Office Box 37G, Laghouat 03000, Algeria.



Phosphates, Eutrophication, calcium oxide, Adsorption


The aim of this work is the removal of phosphates from an aqueous solution by adsorption on a new, inexpensive adsorbent, calcium oxide. We have also shown interest in the choice of removal method, which is adsorption. The kinetic study of the removal of phosphate ions by adsorption on calcium oxide allowed us to calculate the value of adsorption capacity as a function of the parameters affecting adsorption: Amount of adsorbent, initial concentration of phosphate ion solution, pH of the mixture and temperature. The study of adsorption isotherms showed that the Freundlich model is the most appropriate for the phenomenon of phosphate ion adsorption. Modeling of the kinetic data by the pseudo-first order and pseudo-second order equations shows that the adsorption process is best described by the second order equation. Thermodynamic parameters such as enthalpy Δ, entropy Δ and free enthalpy Δ were also evaluated to determine the nature of adsorption. The results show that the adsorption process is a spontaneous and endothermic physisorption.


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