The enthalpies of mixing of ternary liquid Ag-Ca-Ge alloys




calcium, germanium, silver, high temperature calorimetry, enthalpy of mixing


Partial and integral enthalpies of mixing of the ternary Ag–Ca–Ge melts were determined for the first time by the high-temperature isoperibolic calorimetry at 1300–1550 K. The experiments were performed for six sections with a constant ratio of two components up to the molar fraction of the third component equal to 0.3. The enthalpies of mixing in this ternary system are exothermic values which increase in absolute value from the Ag corner of the concentration triangle towards the constituent binary Ca–Ge system. The minimum value of the integral enthalpy of mixing was obtained for Ca0.6Ge0.4 composition of the Ca–Ge binary system (about –58.00 kJ mol–1). The enthalpies of mixing of the ternary Ag–Ca–Ge melts are calculated for the whole concentration triangle by the Redlich-Kister-Muggianu method, taking into account the term of specific ternary interaction defined from our experimental data. The topology of the isoenthalpies of mixing is determined.

Author Biographies

Natalia Kotova, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Department of Chemistry

Natalia Usenko, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Department of Chemistry


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