Method for Calculating the Feed Water Replenishment Parameters under Electrolysis Process in Electrolyzer




water electrolysis, electrolyte, alkali concentration, electrical conductivity


The article proposes a method for calculating parameters of feed water replenishment in an alkaline electrolyzer, taking into account the given alkali concentrations and the actual electrolyte consumption. The analysis of the electrolyte specific electrical conductivity under electrolysis process is carried out. Recommendations are given for increasing the water electrolysis process efficiency by reducing energy consumption when ensuring the optimal specific electrical electrolyte conductivity at a variable alkali concentration. One of the possible algorithms is presented for calculating electrolyzer parameters to ensure its specified operational characteristics under process of hydrogen and oxygen generation.

Author Biography

Mykola Zipunnikov, A.M. Pidhorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of NASU

Отдел водородной энергетики, старший научный сотрудник


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