3-Thienyl/benzothienylchromones. Synthesis and properties

Natalia Gorbulenko, Tatiana Shokol, Vladimir Khilya


This mini-review for the first time summarizes and systematizes all the data available in the literature on the synthesis and properties of 3-thienyl/benzothienylchromones, starting from 1960. Two main approaches to the formation of target structures are presented. The conditions of cyclization reactions, oxidative rearrangement, transition metals catalyzed CH activation and annulation reactions, etc. are discussed. Testing data for some types of biological activity of a number of the 3-thienyl/benzothienylchromones and the products of their transformation into the pyrazole cycle are given.


3-hetarylchromones; α-hetaryl-2-hydroxyacetophenones; chromones; thiophene and benzothiophene compounds; cyclization reactions; coupling reactions

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