Potassium Carbonate Assisted Synthesis Of α, β, γ, δ-Unsaturated Ketones


  • Pramod Kulkarni
  • Sammer Gawade




Potassium carbonate, Unsaturated ketones, Claisen-Schmidt reaction, Condensation, Ethanol


The Cinnamylideneacetophenones derivative is shows important medicinal properties and intermediate in organic synthesis.  Several substituted α, β, γ, δ-Unsaturated Ketones were prepared in high yield and purity by direct reaction of substituted cinnamaldehyde and ketones in the presence of potassium carbonate as a base in ethanol at 50ºC. The merit of the method is short reaction times, high yield, easy work-up and purification process, inexpensive and easily available catalyst.


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