The quantitative determination of Perphenazine in tablets by the spectrophotometric method as its sulfoxide obtained with diperoxyazelaic acid

Mykola Blazheyevskiy, Myhailo Kucher, Oleh Shpychak


The oxidative derivatization method using diperoxyazelaic acid for the indirect spectrophotometric determination of Perphenazine dihydrochloride is presented. Diperoxyazelaic acid is introduced as a derivatizing agent for Perphenazine, yielding sulfoxides. This reaction product was successfully employed for the spectrophotometric determination of Perphenazine dihydrochloride. The UV spectroscopic detection of sulfoxide has been proven to be the more robust and selective. The method developed allowed determination of Perphenazine dihydrochloride in the concentration range of 1–40 µg/mL. The limits of quantification (LOQ=10S) is 3.3 µg·ml-1. A new spectrophotometric method has been developed, and the possibility of the quantitative determination of Perphenazine dihydrochloride in Perphenazine Tablets has been demonstrated. The present method is precise, accurate and other inactive excipients of the drug do not interfere. RSD = 2.00%; δ=( -µ) 100%/µ = – 0.85 %).


Perphenazine Dihydrochloride; Perphenazine sulfoxide; indirect spectrophotometry

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