A new oxidative derivatization method for spectrophotometric determination of Periciazine in pharmaceutical preparations


  • Mykola Blazheyevskiy National Univercity of Pharmacy
  • Valeriy Moroz




Spectrophotometry, oxone, Periciazine, phenothiazine sulphoxide, pharmaceutical preparations


A new the oxidative derivatization method by means of peroxoacid for the indirect spectrophotometric determination of Periciazine is presented. A potassium hydrogenperoxymonosulfateas a derivatizing agent for Periciazine, yielding the absorbative Periciazine sulfoxide at λmaх=362 nm is proposed. This reaction product was successfully employed for spectrophotometric determination of the Periciazine. The UV spectrophotometric determination of the Periciazine as its sulfoxide proved to be the more simple and selective method. Limit of quantification (LOQ=10S) is 2.8 µg·mL-1. The common excipients employed do not interfere in the determination of phenothiazine drug. Results of analysis of the drug dosage forms by the proposed method are in good agreement with those of the official method. RSD=1.76 % (δ <RSD).


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