Complexation of Calix[4]arene bis-Hydroxymethylenediphosphonic Acid with Amino acids. Binding Constants Determination by RP HPLC Method

Vitaly Ivanovich Kalchenko, Olga Kalchenko, Sergiy Cherenok


Host-Guest complexation of calixarene-bis-hydroxymethylenediphosphonic acid with 17 amino acids in water solution had been studied by the RP HPLC and molecular modelling methods. It had been shown the binding constants of the complexes are depended on the nature of the amino acid residue, log P and pKa of the acids. The complexation is mainly determined by the electrostatic interactions between the positively charged nitrogen atom of the amino acid and the negatively charged oxygen atom of phosphonic acid residue of the calixarene, the Host-Guest p-p, СН-p and solvophobic interactions.


calixarenephosphonic acids; reversible-phase high performance liquid chromatography; amino acids; Host-Guest complexes; supramolecular interactions

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