Kinetic study of carbon dioxide catalytic methanation over cobalt–nickel catalysts

Alla G. Dyachenko, Olena V. Ischenko, Snizhana V. Gaidai, Tetiana M. Zakharova, Andrii V. Yatsymyrskyi, Vladyslav V. Lisnyak


Based on the data of the thermoprogrammed desorption and using mass-spectroscopic analysis of desorbed products and on the kinetic patterns of the methanation process for cobalt–nickel catalysts, we suggested a mechanism for the reaction which passes through forming intermediate formyl compounds: CHO*, HCOH*, and HCOOH*. Because of the high stability of the carbon dioxide molecule, the step of adding the first hydrogen atom is the limiting step. Such a mechanism is in good agreement with the proposed kinetic equations.


Sabatier process; bimetallic catalysts; catalytic methanation of CO2; kinetic patterns

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