Lipid peroxidation during chronic inflammation

Irina Sokolovskaya, Valentina Nechiporenko, Natalia Gordiyenko, Olena Pozdnyakova, Svitlana Volkova, Victor Cymbal, Galina Makurina


To keep needed level of peroxide lipid oxidation is necessary for the normal functioning of physiological systems. It is supported by the balance of anti-and prooxidant systems. The positive influence of lipid peroxidation processes in the organism is manifested by the restoration of the composition and maintenance of the properties of biological membranes, participation in energy processes, cell division, synthesis of biologically active substances. It has been established that the inflammatory process is accompanied by changes in lipid metabolism and the intensity of peroxide oxidation.


free radicals; chronic inflammation; oxidative stress; anti-and prooxidant systems; physiological systems

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