Thermochemical properties of liquid alloys along xCu/xSb= 0.2/08 section of the ternary Cu-Sb-Ce system

Natalia Vladimirovna Kotova, Michael Ivanov, Natalia Usenko


The enthalpies of mixing of liquid alloys of the ternary Cu–Sb–Ce system were studied by high-temperature calorimetry along the cross-section = 0.2/0.8. The composition dependence of these values were modelled using four "geometric" models and also the analytical method of Redlich–Kister–Muggianu. A comparison of the experimental data for the cross section  = 0.2/0.8 and simulated values of the enthalpies of mixing showed that the most suitable for describing the properties of liquid alloys of ternary Cu–Sb–Ce system is the Toop model.


Copper, Cerium; Antimony; Calorimetry; Enthalpy of mixing

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