Heteroassociates of Pinacianol Cation in Aqueous Solutions: Formation and their Interaction with Organic Multiply Charged Anions

Yana Alexandrovna Svishchova, Sergey Andreevich Shapovalov


The formation of heterogeneous associates has been studied between the cation of the cyanine dye as pinacyanol chloride (PNC) and multiplies charged anions arsenazo (AR II) or humus acids (HA) in aqueous solutions. The accompanying spectral changes have been analyzed. The equilibrium constants of association (Kas) were determined, and logKas values were equal in the range 1.73-3.09 for associates PNC with HA. The effect of humus acids on PNC -AR II causes to destruction of the associate and the competition of the anions of HA with AR II is observed.


heterogeneous associates; dyes; humus acids; pinacyanol chloride; arsenazo II; association constant

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17721/fujcV6I1P21-30


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