Photoelectrochemical properties of films based on TiO2 nanotubes modified with BiVO4 and V2O5

V. Smilyk, Sergey Stanislavovich Fomanyuk, I. Rusetsky, G. Kolbasov


By methods of anodizing and ion layering were obtained films TiO2/V2O5 and TiO2 / BiVO4. With help of spectral studies of photoelectrochemical and optical properties, the band gap and quantum yield of photoelectrochemical current were determined depends on the ratio of films thickness and the parameters of their synthesis.  It is shown, that at synthesized structures UV component quantum yield photoelectrode decreases and contribution of visible light increases.


photoelectrochemistry; quantum yield; films TiO2/V2O5; TiO2 / BiVO4

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