Zirconium Oxide Stabilized By Scandium (III) And Cerium (IV) Complex Oxides As The Basis For Preparation Of Thick Films And Multilayers Structures For Low Temperature (600 °C) Fuel Cell

Oleksandr Vasylyev, Yehor Brodnikovskyi, Oleg V'yunov, Leonid Kovalenko, Oleg Yanchevskii, Anatolii Belous


Weakly agglomerated zirconium dioxide nanopowders stabilized by complex oxides of scandium (III) and cerium (IV) were synthesized by precipitation from aqueous solutions. Using weakly agglomerated nanopowders, thick films were prepared by tape casting on a-Al2O3 substrates. These thick films have high oxygen conductivity; and their electron conductivity is lower than oxygen conductivity by 4 orders of magnitude. A multilayer system consisting of films of polycrystalline porous anode and solid electrolyte was prepared. The diffusion of cations in the anode boundary layer and change in the chemical composition of the electrolyte film are not observed at optimum synthesis conditions.


stabilized zirconium dioxide; deposition; tape casting; thick-film multilayer system

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17721/fujcV6I1P16-20


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