New Ferrocenyl Phenol Thiophosphines

Kataryna Bretosh, Sandrine Vincendeau, Lucie Routaboul, Jean-Claude Daran, Zoia Voitenko, Eric Manoury


Two  new enantiomerically pure ferrocenyl  phenol-thiophosphine compounds  have been efficiently synthesized by a one pot procedure from enantiomerically pure alcohol (R)-(diphenylthiophosphinoferrocenyl)methanol 1 by a fully regioselective Friedel-Crafts reaction on phenols after strong acid activation. A mechanistic proposal through O-alkylation followed by rearrangement of the formed oxonium is proposed. All compounds have been and fully characterized by NMR(1H, 31P and 13C)  and High Resolution Mass Spectroscopy. The molecular structure of one of these ferrocene derivatives have been determined by X ray diffraction analysis on monocrystal.


ferrocene; Friedel-Crafs reaction; phosphine; phenol

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