The 8th Toulouse-Kiev Conference ended one week ago, and is now entering the register of memory.


Once again, the Organizing Committee thanks all the participants and sponsors for their contribution to the success of the event, as many of you said.
It is now time to think of the Conference Proceedings, which will be gathered in a special issue of the French Ukrainian Journal of Chemistry.
To allow publication before the end of 2015, the deadline for submission is fixed July 15, 2015.
Other contributions (independent from ICTK-8) will be welcome as well.
All instructions for online submission can be found in About section.
Recall that the Journal just received a CAPlus indexation in may 2015 (and is thus referenced in SciFinder).
Looking forward to receiving your manuscript, the Editorial Board of the journal joins the ICTK-8 Organizing Committee to convey you our best regards.

Remi Chauvin
On behalf of the ICTK-8 Organizing Committee and FUJC Editorial Board.