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About conference

The principal idea of this conference creation was found out after a fruitful collaboration in organic chemistry between Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse, France). This collaboration has been started with Zoia Voitenko scientific internships in University of Paul Sabatier in 1998. The idea of broadening the cooperation and introducing some new forms of the work between both universities had come that time.One of the most important forms of this cooperation was a foundation of this conference which latter strongly influenced on the idea to initiate International french-ukranian research cooperation in molecular chemistry (GDRI).

The first conference took place in 2001 in Kiev at the Department of Chemistry of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KNU). Two years after the second conference took place University of Paul Sabatier (UPS). According to this sequence the conferences were organized in the alternate way between both Universities: Kiev (in 2005, 2009 and 2013) and Toulouse (in 2007, 2011 and 2015). Further details are summarized in Table.

Year Place Number of participants Number of oral communications Number of posters Number of participating countries
1 2001 Kyiv 53 17 36 2
2 2003 Toulouse 92 24 68 2
3 2005 Kyiv 101 16 85 2
4 2007 Toulouse 130 24 106 4
5 2009 Kyiv 140 24 116 2
6 2011 Toulouse 154 42 112 5
7 2013 Kyiv 154 47 153 7
8 2015 Toulouse 149 29 120 6

The researchers, professors, graduate and postgraduate students from five departments of KNU and four departments of UPS have been participated in conference. Some other researchers from scientific groups from Kiev, Kharkov and Donetsk were also invited. These groups attributed to the Institutes (NAS of Ukraine) and Universities having independent research relationships with the Faculty of Chemistry in KNU.

This conference always may be characterized by its special charm, originality, democracy and its own style. As opposed to the narrow-subject conferences where only special subjects of chemistry are discussed, the Kyiv-Toulouse conference is characterized by innovative tendencies of development in different domains of chemistry.

This year, the conference follows the long tradition of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv to join the researchers from all chemistry departments for discussing the interesting innovations of chemistry. Also, one of the strongest part of our conference is the absolute absence of the language barrier, as the most research projects are proceeds in collaborative research between Ukraine and France, the researchers have a possibility to present their work in French or English (see the rules for oral and poster presentations). The questions in Ukrainian and Russian can be easily translated by translators (among other participants).

First International french-ukranian research cooperation in Molecular chemistry (GDRI).

Established in 2008.
Renovated in 2012.
Coordinators of GDRI in Molecular Chemistry:
Remi Chauvin – professor of Paul Sabatier University (coordinator from France),
Zoia Voitenko – professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, holder of the order of Academical Palmv (coordinator from Ukraine)
*The first coordinator of GDRI in Molecular chemistry from France (2008-2010) was professor of UPS Jean-Jacques Bonnet.
Participants of GDRI in Molecular chemistry:

This is the first International research laboratory “without barriers” in Ukraine.

The intensive collaboration in GDRI included a lot of leading scientists as Remi Chauvin, Valerie Maraval, Michel Baltas, Isabelle Rico-Lattes, Stéphane Mazières, Jean-Pierre Majoral, Eric Manouri, Azzedine Bousseksou and the professors Emeritus of UPS Jean-Jacques Bonnet and Armand Lattes should be mentioned.

On the part of KNU all 5 departments of Faculty of Chemistry presented in this collaboration:

Other research groups taking part into International collaboration:

Owing to the combined efforts of French and Ukranian researches there are different fundamental research regrouping into 3 main directions:

  1. Chemistry and Health
  2. Chemistry and Nanotechnology;
  3. Chemistry and Selective catalytic processes

One of the most important principles of GDRI is an equal rights in the collaboration: all research which have been performed by the efforts of both partners (from Ukraine and France) should be presented in collective papers and patents. It is aimed at further development of the Double-Master and PhD researches with combined supervising.

The first presentation of PhD thesis with combined supervising made by A. Kisil (supervising by Z.Voitenko and Jean-Gerard Wollf). In the same way, in 2012, I. Gural'skiy presented his PhD thesis (supervising by I.Fritsky and A. Bousseksou).

The dozens of articles and abstracts were published in journals and conferences books owing to this collaboration. In the beginning of GDRI work, S.Rudiyk and L.Lykianova successfully presented their PhD thesis in 2009 (research group of Dr. I. Rico-Lattes). Both young researchers have post-doctoral positions in France. In 2011 two others PhD students, V.Zgonnik and О.Korolyov (research group of M.Baltas), presented their PhD thesis. Actually M.Yanchuk prepares to present his thesis in the research group of Prof. V. Majoral and A.Camenade. Among other PhD-students who presented their thesis І.Levkov, Т.Matviyuk, Ya.Baglai, D.Listunov, І.Kulay, A. Karpus and, Yu.Suleymanov may be mentioned.

The new historical stage in this collaboration was the signing of agreement between both Universities and Embassy of France in Ukraine in 2009. This agreement regulates the selection of students and financing politics for the join master study and also PhD-students investigations with combined supervising. This regulation was prolonged in 2012.

In the frame of GDRI in Molecular chemistry a lot of students from Faculty of Chemistry of KNU had the join master work in Toulouse: М. Ianchuk, V.Zgonnik, D. Kandaskalov, A. Konev, S. Kolodich, V. Malitskii, М. Dryzhakov, А.Osypenko, Yu. Antonyuk, S. Krikun, I. Dovgan, M. Dehtyarenko, T. Krachko, K. Bretosh

In 2012 the UPS researchers, which are involved in the frame of GDRI took an active part in the Ukrainian program «100+100+100». 6 Master students and 1 researcher among other 17 winners of competition had the internship in Toulouse.